New beta version LazPaint 7.0.9

Many features that I talked about in the previous post have been implemented. I feel like the software is complete enough to be released. To check the latest version see:

Regarding colors
  • splitting channels into RGB/HSL : that can be done using the Script menu.
  • lighten/darken mode has been added to the eraser
  • picking up color by holding the SHIFT key when using a pen or a brush tool 
 Regarding vectors
  • vectorial multi-selection in the edit shape tool (holding CTRL to select more shapes)
  • adding holes in a polygon using SHIFT-click
 Regarding layers
  •  layer effects are available in the Script menu (drop shadow, inner light, inner shadow, color overlay, stroke)
  • alpha mask can be added in the layer stack using Script menu, though it is not associated with a layer in particular, it is applied to all layers underneath
Regarding interface
  • tools items are grouped. The group is shown when hovering the tool icons.
  • pen width can be changed using ALT + mouse wheel.
  • layers and colors are finally docked inside the main window
  • image can be exported without changing the current filename (File > Export)


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