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New stable version of LazPaint 7.0.6

A new version of LazPaint is at last available. It has vector shapes, though gradients within shapes are not supported yet. Apart from that, you can edit shapes after they are drawn, move them over/under other shapes within the layer, etc. Download When editing a shape, there are control points. Pressing SHIFT or ALT will give you alternative effect of those points. In particular, with ALT, corner points allow to rotate and resize, and side points allow to shear, i.e. move one axis relative to the other one to draw a parallelogram. If that's not enough, you can transform a shape into a curve, and then add or remove points. The key Delete will delete the point you are hovering and the keys Insert or I will insert a new point at mouse location. Support for ICO, GIF and TIFF has been improved. It is possible to edit/add/remove frames within those files. Also TIFF support a wider variety of pixel formats. A dark theme is available, in case you work at night or just like it da