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Possible enhancements for future versions

There are more than 20 possible enhancements that have been suggested and that I've listed in the "issues" tab of LazPaint's repository: Regarding colors : L*a*b* color adjustment Split/join RGB/HSL channels Lighten/darken mode (maybe in Eraser tool?) Pick up color without having to change current tool Palette edition that would preserve color indices Regarding vectors : Vectorial selection (to allow to save a polygonal selection for example) Vectorize a layer, i.e. transform a raster layer into polygons that matches the drawing Interface for pen and background gradients and texture (it is implemented in the library so it is just the interface to do) improve text toolbar (RTL text, editing font family directly) Allow to draw sub polygons (to make multiple polygons or to make a hole in a polygon) Regarding layers : layer effects layer groups alpha mask export/import layer stack as a series of GIF

LazPaint v7.0.7 (bug fixes, vector edit improvement)

New version 7.0.7 with bug fixes. I recommend to update. There are as well various improvements. In particular, it is possible to merge vector layers while keeping vectorial information, one can select very thin shapes (thanks to a margin for the click) and the edit shape tool has been improved to work in more cases. Nouvelle version 7.0.7 avec des corrections de bugs. Je vous recommande de mettre à jour. Il y a aussi diverses améliorations. Notamment on peut fusionner des calques vectoriels en gardant l’info vectorielle, on peut sélectionner des formes très fines (une marge pour le clic est admise) et l’outil d’édition de formes vectorielles a été amélioré.