Possible enhancements for future versions

There are more than 20 possible enhancements that have been suggested and that I've listed in the "issues" tab of LazPaint's repository:

Regarding colors:
  • L*a*b* color adjustment
  • Split/join RGB/HSL channels
  • Lighten/darken mode (maybe in Eraser tool?)
  • Pick up color without having to change current tool
  • Palette edition that would preserve color indices
Regarding vectors:
  • Vectorial selection (to allow to save a polygonal selection for example)
  • Vectorize a layer, i.e. transform a raster layer into polygons that matches the drawing
  • Interface for pen and background gradients and texture (it is implemented in the library so it is just the interface to do)
  • improve text toolbar (RTL text, editing font family directly)
  • Allow to draw sub polygons (to make multiple polygons or to make a hole in a polygon)
Regarding layers:
  • layer effects
  • layer groups
  • alpha mask
  • export/import layer stack as a series of GIF/TIFF frames
  • move, reorganize frames in GIF or TIFF
Regarding interface:
  • group items in toolbar to save up space
  • customize toolbars
  • change pen width with wheel
  • dock layer window and color window
  • export image (while keeping current filename)
More general features:
  • scripting language (Python?)

I am thinking of prioritizing each feature according to various considerations:
  • How much time would it take to implement it: if it is easy to implement, I can do it by taking a bit of time here and there. Otherwise, if that's a lot of work, I need to look at other considerations.
  • How essential they are to make the program complete. For example, as the program supports now vectors, it is kind of logical to do the vectorial selection. Another example is docking the layer stack. That's a basic feature that is kind of lacking for people that are used to this kind of layout.
  • How much value would it bring to the software. For example, vector effects would really be a great feature by allowing quickly modify a file, without having to regenerate extra layers manually.


  1. They all sound like really nice and useful additions! Do the ones you feel like working on and/or feel practical to do. If I could wish for one thing it would be "dock layer window and color window". :) Otherwise I agree with working on vector features since it is a unique feature of this program. Layer effects would be a very cool thing though as few other Free and open source programs have that feature.

    1. Hi! Most of the features have been implemented in the coming release, including docking layer and color window. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing the blog. I learned a lot from it!
    Raster to Vector


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