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SVG support with version 7.1.6

Going forward with vector support and interoperability, LazPaint can now read and write layered SVG files and SVG layers in OpenRaster. So for example, you can draw vector shapes and save them as SVG. The file can then be opened in an SVG editor. In particular, with Inkscape the layers information is also available. Conversely, if you prepare a layered SVG in Inkscape, you can open it in LazPaint and you will see each layers and be able to transform then or change their visibility. Text and curves are supported, the only limitation for now is when using texture filling and phong shading which are a bit complicated to handle in SVG. The OpenRaster format also allows to add SVG layers. Similarly, you can make a layered image in LazPaint, use vector shapes and save it as OpenRaster. You can open it in various software that supports OpenRaster with SVG: DrawPile, Chasys Draw and MyPaint. If the target software does not handle SVG, you can first rasterize the layers. There is a button in th