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Fixing version 7.1.1

Some bugs have been found in the latest version, so I am fixing those. It is frustrating that even if alllocating time to test, some bugs still slip through. Maybe having a longer test period next time?

LazPaint 7.1.1

 Using texture filling with shaded shapes   What's new compared to version 7.0.7 Files   * read/write support for WebP images using libwebp   * read support for RAW images using dcraw   * read support for Portable Any Map (PBM, PGM, PPM)   * fix loading PDN images   * show progress of loading/saving/actions on layered images Interface   * less flickering during action progress   * minor scaling improvements   * dark theme for status bar   * add Donate tool button   * separate color for background and outline   * fix remember save file extension Tools   * fix updating transparent colors   * fix release of middle mouse button   * fix gradient undo/redo   * optimize layer transform   * scripting in Python   * script for layer effects: color overlay, drop shadow, inner light, stroke   * more scripts: split/merge channels, mask   * vectorial tools: gradient and texture fill for vectorial shapes   * paste vector shapes within visible bounds   * align to pixels when image is not zo

New beta version LazPaint 7.0.9

Many features that I talked about in the previous post have been implemented. I feel like the software is complete enough to be released. To check the latest version see: Regarding colors splitting channels into RGB/HSL : that can be done using the Script menu. lighten/darken mode has been added to the eraser picking up color by holding the SHIFT key when using a pen or a brush tool   Regarding vectors vectorial multi-selection in the edit shape tool (holding CTRL to select more shapes) adding holes in a polygon using SHIFT-click  Regarding layers  layer effects are available in the Script menu (drop shadow, inner light, inner shadow, color overlay, stroke) alpha mask can be added in the layer stack using Script menu, though it is not associated with a layer in particular, it is applied to all layers underneath Regarding interface tools items are grouped. The group is shown when hovering the tool icons. pen width can