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Getting LazPaint into Debian

Version 7.1.5 has been released, fixing some minor interface problems. That's all great, though LazPaint still isn't included in Debian distributions on Linux. For now, I have been producing an installable Deb file, which works fine. I had to do some research and testing to get it right. I have written what I learnt in the process on FreePascal wiki:  Debian package structure This not yet available in Synaptic but there is some progress and it seems that I finally got an upstream source that could be compatible with Debian distributions. Here is the  issues  thread on GitHub. It has been a long process, because there is no so much documentation about it, and even less regarding projects using Pascal language. People that know about Debian packaging do not have much spare time and they are used to C language projects.

LazPaint 7.1.4 stable finally?

 It feels like this version is at last stable and works fine on Windows, Linux and MacOS. Regarding MacOS, it is now optimized as the other versions and it handles Retina display. I am happy to get there as I really want to have one version that has no bugs and no significant problems, before doing a new version with new features. It is similar to version 6.4.1 but with vector objects and various improvements on the tools and interface. I am thinking about creating a forum so that users can exchange tips and that could help gather resources around the program, for example Python scripts.