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Gradients on vector shapes

Progressing on the vector shapes. They will be filled with either a solid color, a gradient or a texture. Below is an image made with gradients only. The gradient in the sun is being edited. Radial gradients can have focal point. Here it is on the top-left of the shape (the little arrow). The big arrow is the main radius (or ending radius). The gradient of the rainbow is a radial gradient as well but interpolated on the corrected HSL colorspace.

The vectorial road to success

With vectorial shapes, objects can be resize after the object has been created. However, if the brush or any other non-vectorial tool is used, the image will be rasterized. In order to have both, it will be necessary to have multiple layers to keep the coordinates of the vector shapes or not. In the following example, there are three objects : a rectangle with solid color, a rotated rectangle with a texture and a rotated ellipse with half-opaque color.