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LazPaint 6.4.1

A new version of LazPaint is available (6.4.1). New tools and filters   Brush tool: you can specify the shape of the brush, load it from a file. It can contain a gradient of opacity. Clone tool: right click to set source location, and left click to duplicate. You can use it to remove an object from a photo or duplicate an existing object. Rain rendering: apply rain on the image so that it looks the weather changed Toolbar Added palette toolbar: load/save palettes in various formats, posterize or dither image Main toolbars can be hidden or shown by right-clicking them. Toolbox is docked inside the main window (left or right side) so that it is not in the way anymore Improvements and fixes When saving files as PNG, JPEG and BMP, the color depth or quality can be chosen. Output image and size is previewed Now 3d models are loaded with their textures and custom normals Fix for filters: effects are applied only on the selected area instead of the bounding recta