LazPaint 7.1.1

 Using texture filling with shaded shapes 

What's new compared to version 7.0.7

  * read/write support for WebP images using libwebp
  * read support for RAW images using dcraw
  * read support for Portable Any Map (PBM, PGM, PPM)
  * fix loading PDN images
  * show progress of loading/saving/actions on layered images

  * less flickering during action progress
  * minor scaling improvements
  * dark theme for status bar
  * add Donate tool button
  * separate color for background and outline
  * fix remember save file extension

  * fix updating transparent colors
  * fix release of middle mouse button
  * fix gradient undo/redo
  * optimize layer transform
  * scripting in Python
  * script for layer effects: color overlay, drop shadow, inner light, stroke
  * more scripts: split/merge channels, mask
  * vectorial tools: gradient and texture fill for vectorial shapes
  * paste vector shapes within visible bounds
  * align to pixels when image is not zoomed
  * grouping of tool items in toolbar
  * added polyline and opened curve tool
  * pen tool: SHIFT click to retrieve color, ALT+wheel to change width
  * selection pen tool: add antialiasing option
  * color picker: SHIFT click to retrieve color of flattened image
  * eraser tool: added lighten, darken and sharpen modes
  * floodfill tool: makes vector original on an empty layer, preserve vector layer
  * edit shape tool: show shape information
  * edit shape tool: multiselection of shapes
  * polygon tool: highlight hovered point, arrows to move points
  * text tool: added font aliasing option
  * text tool: fix handling of keys
  * gradient tool: replace layer by gradient if it is opaque

  * ensure toolwindows in front when restoring app
  * palette: indicate last added color in palette
  * palette: fix scroll bug
  * color window resizable
  * color and layer windows dockable to main window
  * don't undock windows when going fullscreen
  * adjust more windows to system DPI
  * adjust curves: show source histograms
  * filter function: optimize, add Lab colorspace, add min/max/avg
  * blend operations: add Saturation (HSL) and Mask blend operation

  * added Latvian
  * completed Kabyle and Bulgarian
  * added Kabyle language
  * updated Swedish translation

  * rendering optimizations to reduce slowdown with big images
  * fixes for image browser
  * command line: parenthesis optional to make it Linux-friendly 


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