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Getting started

This tutorial shows how to create a new image and draw with the mouse. It will be useful if you don't have used any advanced image editor before.

Advanced drawing tools

How to draw text, use lighing and grid deformation.

Using selection tools

Selection tools are complementary to drawing tools. They allow to modify an existing picture and to draw in any boundaries. For example, a gradient can be applied to any selected shape.

How to do a text with shadow

To draw a text with shadow, first draw the text, then draw it in black and flip it vertically. Edit selection to make it a gradient using the magic wand and the gradient tool. You're done.
If you want the shadow to be projected according to the light, use the texture mapping tool. Copy and paste the shadow into the texture editor. Then, back in the picture, use the texture mapping tool. Finally, you can add blur to it. Using a gradient selection as before, you can make the blur gradual.


Drawing a vortex with LazPaint.

Saving OpenRaster for Krita

Creating two layers in LazPaint using Krita blending mode, saving it into an OpenRaster file, and loading it into Krita.

Loading OpenRaster in LazPaint

How to load an OpenRaster file (.ora) from MyPaint into LazPaint.

Using layers and perspective transform

How to remove background from an image and use it to create a layered image. And open it in MyPaint.

Drawing fire

Using three layers combined with overlay blending mode, you can get a pretty nice fire.

Lightning orb

To draw lightning, use two layers of Perlin noise combined with Difference or Linear difference blending modes. Afterwards, colorize it to electric blue. In this tutorial, I put it into a sphere to do an orb.

Drawing grass

How to do a realistic grass effect with LazPaint.

Neon effect

How to do a neon effect with blur and lighten blending mode.

Browse and print

New features in version 6.0 shown in this video: browsing pictures, reading PSD files (Photoshop) and printing (here as a PDF).

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